been a while!2017

Hey everyone. I know I have been incognito for a while. But  I am back with great news.


I have a new website here: Whimsical Designs by CJ, LLC

All of new art as well as what I have been up to is there. I hope to post more on here, but until then check out my website I designed.

Always whimsical,



The Queen of Roses and more!

Hello All!!

I definitely have missed you guys. Been working on my etsy shop and collaborating with others on projects for my brand release. I am super excited to say that my shop will be open in April.

(Enter applause here)

I have been drawing and creating a lot of work for my shop as well as working on a children’s book. Not to mention that I will not only have art prints and originals in my etsy shop, but apparel also!!! So, needless to say, I have definitely made progress in fulfilling my New Year’s Resolution. I am glad you guys have stayed with me in my journey thus far. On some more exciting news, my graphics tablet is making its way back from the hospital today (Thank God for 2 day shipping air) ! Thank you Wacom Technology!! ^^ I am eternally grateful.

So that means more digital drawings, once again!!!

In the meantime, Let me show you some of the traditional artworks I have created these last few weeks. They are potential art prints for my shop. Let me know your thoughts. Once I get my cintiq, these may end up being digitalized and printed on apparel.

All drawings were made using Ink, copic markers, and watercolor.

Inspired by a photo of Nicki Minaj
Inspired by a photo of Nicki Minaj
Inspired by my love for  Harajuku and Color
Inspired by my love for Harajuku and Color
Inspired by dream of one day dyeing my hair ^^
Inspired by dream of one day dyeing my hair ^^

Like the works? Feel free to follow me on the below socials medias for latest news!

Instagram: WhimsicalWorld_of_CJ


Twitter: @Whimsical_CJ

Update- Etsy Shop and Ink Illustrations

Hey guys!

Sorry for the hiatus, been working on some business endeavors with creating my own etsy shop with my sister. Once everything gets in line, I will be able to show you guys what I have been working on. Currently my cintiq graphic tablet is making its way to washington to get fixed at wacom headquarters….so for now I have bought a wacom intuos to do digital work. I will be working with alot with physical mediums despite the recent purchase, however. I am growing rather obsessed with copic markers and ink pens. I will just be doing that till my cintiq comes back from the hospital.

Till then,

Here are some of my latest works!

Copic Markers, Watercolors, Ink pens, and Gel Pens!

Property of Whimsical CJ
Property of Whimsical CJ


A little sticker I made for when I lose my keys…^^

Ink and Copic Markers
Ink and Copic Markers

Busy and Whimsical,


African Princess

Hey Guys!

I have really enjoyed the process of creating without using digital means. I feel it helps my art by knowing that there is no undo button; it forces me to make confident and bold choices.

Anyways, enough small talk.

My latest sketch.

African Princess

Whimsical as usual,


Want the Bad News or Good News first?


Good News is that I finished the lineart for my Moon-Slice Comic Book Cover!!!!

Bad news….

My cintiq graphic tablet crashed so I can’t post digital works for a while. This includes not being able to digitally color my comic….

It’s sad, but the whimsical-ness must go on!!!

So you will be getting a lot of hand drawn inked and copic marker illustrations with a small dash of watercolor..and some other fun not computer projects. Currently I will be using my iPad mini for blog posts. I may try using some drawing apps for digital illustrations, but that means investing in a stylus pen…..which I’m prolly not gonna do..

But anyways, I will continue to post my hand drawn creations and hopefully you will still like them.

Brushing the dust of my whimsical pencils,